The Common European Language Data Space has just been launched


ILSP of Athena RC is part of the consortium

January 19th 2023 marked the day the Common European Language Data Space – LDS, was launched. The LDS will be implemented as a 3-year service contract by a consortium comprising the German Research Center for Artificial intelligence (DFKI), “Athena” Research Center, Evaluations and Language Resources Distribution Agency (ELDA), Tilde SIA and many important organizations all over Europe as subcontractors.

Common European Data Spaces aim at facilitating and reinforcing data pooling and sharing and overcoming legal and technical barriers. They are bringing together data infrastructures and governance frameworks, as well as the necessary tools, platforms and common rules.

Participants of the LDS, language resources providers and consumers, will be offered the necessary tools that will enable them to share, trade, exchange, pool together, combine and use language data, language resources and language models through a federated digital space that respects EU value and  complies with EU rules.

The Institute for Language and Speech Processing of “Athena” RC will be in charge of designing and implementing the LDS as a federated space, leveraging its expertise in developing and operating a number of platforms and infrastructures in the last decade, including META-SHARE, ELRC-SHARE, Clarin:EL and ELG.