Mythotopia: Mythological Routes in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace

“Mythological Routes in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace” showcases the cultural wealth of the region as the basis for the development of the tourism industry. The starting point of the project is the systematic recording, mapping, and promotion of myths that refer to this specific region. Apart from showcasing the cultural and tourist wealth of the region as such, the project has enhanced the Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation Apollonis, in which ILSP already participates actively.

Both the recording of the myths, as they emerge from texts from Greek and Latin literature, and the accompanying commentary are linked with the current environment of the region (natural, architectural, archeological, cultural, recreational, gastronomic…) in a website and a mobile application. These allow the creation of personalized itineraries in the region aiming at the support of the complete tourist experience. Starting from the promotion of the mythological identity of the region, its past and present are connected to enhance its tourist and cultural elements. Visitors of the region will enjoy the possibility of designing their own itineraries based on personal criteria (mythological, archeological, cultural, environmental, etc.). The project has also develop a specially designed educational platform for the pedagogical utilization of the research outcomes by people involved in primary, secondary, or higher education.

The project has been showcased as a good practice example by the Operational Programme EPAnEK.