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Stainhaouer Gregory

Gregory Stainhaouer is Researcher A’, member of the the Board of Directors of Athena RC He has previously been Coordinator of National Research Projects and member of the Scientific Consultative Board (SCB) of ILSP. Dr. Stainhaouer is graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in 1985. He received his PhD degree from the Computer Science Division of NTUA in 1991. The title of his PhD thesis was “New Algorithms and Parallel Techniques in Speech Recognition. He has teaching experience in the area of Pattern Recognition (1987-1994, Department of Electrical Engineering of NTUA). Since 1986 he has participated in more than 45 national and European projects as a researcher. He has been the co-ordinator of national and European projects related to the field of educational technology. His activities also include technical co-ordination and software design of 10 electronic systems (ANAGNOSTIS- optical character recognition system, Pheidias – a multimedia data base of the Acropolis Museum, Electronic system of the Research Center for Modern Greek Dialects, CELL- Electronic platform for the development of internet site aiming at the presentation of cultural and tourist content, 6 electronic platforms for the teaching of Greek language as a mother tongue, as a second/foreign language, teaching of the Greek sign language, teaching of the ancient Greek language, software for the presentation of the history and civilization of the Greek islands) and 25 language education and cultural electronic products. He was Head of Educational Technology Department at the Institute of Language & Speech Processing (ILSP) from 1996-2009. His present research interests include educational technologies, linguistic processing, speech recognition, optical character recognition, pattern recognition techniques, and machine translation. He has served as a member of the Programme Committees of conferences and workshops. He has also served as a reviewer of research proposals and papers. Dr. Stainhaouer is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the IEEE.