Mature technologies and know-how have been commercially exploited by ILSP Researchers with the establishment of knowledge-intensive companies. These companies aim at the diffusion of ILSP research results in commercial applications and services by attracting private funds, thus filling the gap between research and business.

The following spin-off companies have been established with the participation of ILSP Researchers:

VOICE-IN develops voice recognition technologies and integrates them in human-machine interaction systems. VOICE-IN products offer automatic speech recognition for various applications and environments. It is the manufacturer of Logografos (speech to text system).
QUALIA is a reputation monitoring studio established in Athens in 2004. Qualia provides near real-time search on television and radio content. Qualia tracks and measures the thousands of on-line conversations on web sites, blogs, microblogs social networks, social news and forums. The company’s advanced technologies make the wealth of data searchable so that clients better understand threats and opportunities, develop more creative strategies, create new product opportunities, monitor what is being said and decide what they should do next.
INNOETICS is a spin-off company of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) / “ATHENA” Research Center. INNOETICS offers the leading technology in Text to Speech systems, not only for the Greek but also for other languages as well. It develops new languages, new synthetic voices and offers innovative products and services. INNOETICS has extensive expertise in speech technologies and is active in the fields of communication, robotics and knowledge processing, integrating state-of-the-art technologies in applications, platforms and computer systems. INNOETICS products and services have been adopted from major organizations and companies in the fields of publishing, communications and internet. INNOETICS aims to be the ideal and dedicated partner for Text-to-Speech and Voice interface solutions. Learn and hear more about INNOETICS in
The acquisition of Innoetics by Samsung in 2017 demonstrated the capability of ILSP to support the full cycle from research, to prototype development, to licensing technology, to spinoff establishment, and to the creation of financial added value for its acquisition by one of the world’s most valuable companies.