ELRC3: Action on CEF Automated Translation Core Service Platform

Start Date: 19/11/2019
End Date: 18/01/2023
Funding: CEF SMART 2019/1083
Project Leader: Piperidis Stelios
Website: http://www.lr-coordination.eu/

The Action on CEF Automated Translation Core Service Platform is a service contract performed for the European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology. The Connecting Europe Facility Automated Translation (CEF AT) aims at providing multilingual support to pan-European DSIs and public administrations in all EU Member States and EEA countries participating in the CEF Telecom Programme.
CEF AT contributes to the Digital Single Market by lowering language barriers. By offering public administrations free use of the eTranslation tool, citizens and companies operating cross-border should be able to access more information and services offered in their own language. CEF AT helps administrations support online cross-border commerce, and citizens who have exercised freedom of movement within the EU. The CEF AT Core Service Platform currently provides an EU-wide coordination and networking mechanism for collecting and sharing language resources, the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) and offers access to automated translation services for digital public services and public administrations in the Member States based on the Commission’s neural machine translation system (eTranslation).

The overall objectives of the contract are to support the CEF Work Programme 2019 as follows:
•  The operation, maintenance and continuous upgrading of the CEF AT Core Service Platform
•  A wider deployment of CEF AT throughout EU Member States and CEF associated countries
•  The coordination of the activities related to Language Technologies across the EU Member States and CEF associated countries

In addition the action contributes to the objectives of the CEF Work Programme 2019 through the following activities:
•  Maintaining, configuring, adapting and integrating the automated translation services into CEF DSIs and other digital public services
•  Expanding the scope of services offered by the CSP
•  Coordinating the collection and processing of language resources, and maintaining the language data repository (ELRC-SHARE)
•  Providing user support for the CEF AT services and tools
•  Supporting stakeholder management and outreach activities to ensure that relevant content is available through the CEF Digital Single web portal