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Senior Research Fellow

phone  +30 210 6875421


Piperidis Stelios

Areas of interest

  • Natural language processing and understanding
  • Language resources and automatic linguistic knowledge elicitation
  • Language and research infrastructures
  • Multilingual information processing
  • Machine translation
  • Philosophy of language

Stelios Piperidis is a senior researcher, Head of the Natural Language Processing and Language Infrastructures (NLPLI) Department of ILSP/Athena RC. He has been the President of the Scientific Board of ILSP since 2018, and the Director of the Clarin:El Infrastructure since 2016. He has served as the President of the European Language Resources Association, member of the LREC Programme Committee, member of the FLaReNet Steering Committee and the META-NET Executive Board, supervisor of the META-SHARE and ELRC-SHARE infrastructures. He has been leading ILSP’s participation in more than 35 research and development projects in the areas of natural language processing, mono/multilingual and multimedia information processing as well as language and research infrastructures. His research interests include statistical and deductive methods in natural language processing and understanding, language resources and automatic linguistic knowledge elicitation, multilingual information processing, machine translation and philosophy of language. He has been teaching postgraduate courses on Logic, Introduction to Logic Programming and Architectures of Natural Language Processing Systems at the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Athens.