European Language Equality 2

Start Date: 01/07/2022
End Date: 30/06/2023
Funding: Horizon 2020 - PPPA-LANGEQ-2021
Project Leader: Piperidis Stelios, Giagkou Maria

The ELE project empirically confirmed a striking imbalance in terms of support through language technologies and prepared a strategic research, innovation and implementation agenda with a roadmap for achieving full digital language equality in Europe by 2030. The primary goal of ELE 2 is to continue the preparation and refinement of the strategic agenda and roadmap for achieving digital language equality, to document stakeholder commitment, and to include new sectors and domains in the overall consultation process. Using the financial support to third parties mechanism (FSTP), ELE 2 will engage with other stakeholders, supporting the development of novel contributions for the SRIA including defined use cases, best-practice examples, feasibility studies, cost estimates etc.

Ensuring appropriate technology support for all EU languages will create jobs, growth and opportunities in the digital single market. Equally crucial, overcoming language barriers in the digital environment is essential for an inclusive society and for providing unity in diversity for many years to come. ELE 2 continues the work in ELE in providing a roadmap and overall framework to achieve this ambitious goal.