The emerging digital landscape in Humanities in the context of DARIAH και CLARIN European research infrastructures

Digital research infrastructures play a catalytic role in the digital transformation of research. The Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation “APOLLONIS” and the European research infrastructures DARIAH for the Arts and Humanities and CLARIN for Language Resources and Technology, to which APOLLONIS is connected, are important facilitating agents of this transformation in Greece and in Europe respectively. Τhe recent pandemic and the restrictions it imposed brought about new needs in Humanities research and pedagogy, introducing new modioperandi, accelerating the digital transformation, but also demonstrating the gaps that still remain. In this emerging new landscape, the proposed project seeks to identify, analyze and model current trends of digital work practices in the Humanities in Greece and the possible impact of the pandemic on them, and support the penetration and consolidation of these practices using services of the APOLLONIS infrastructure and its synergies with DARIAH and CLARIN. The tools to collect evidence-based information will be a communities web-survey and focus groups, while the analysis of the collected data will be used to inform the planning of the next phase of APOLLONIS infrastructure, ensuring digital services remain timely and state-of-the-art. The project will also develop an ontology-based semantic representation of digital work processes in the Humanities and Social Sciences and provide workflow models that could serve as application guides. Training activities targeted to various communities will be launched to promote the use of digital methods, tools and practices in Humanities research in Greece and all resources will be made available online. Finally, the project will ensure uninterrupted collaboration with the European infrastructures, DARIAH and CLARIN.