Athena RC in the “International Festival of Creative Industries”


Presentation by George Pavlidis, Research Director

Athena RC participates in the “International Festival of Creative Industries”, in the Region of Western Greece on Monday 29 November 2021 – 10:00 a.m. at the “Ksystri Theme Park” Pyrgos – Elis. George Pavlidis, Research Director, Athena RC / ILSP  (Xanthi Division) talks about “The current technological level in Culture and the Creative Industries”. 

The International Festival of Creative Industries is a pilot event of the Region of Western Greece – Regional Development Fund, for the implementation of the actions of the Creative@Hubs project at the 3 Regional Unities of Aetoloakarnania, Achaia and Elis, focusing on the creation of cooperating spaces – hubs related to creative SMEs in the field of the cultural industry. 

The main goal is to establish an International Festival of creative industry’s representatives and creative SMEs, whose main activity is the “ability to create”. 

The above hybrid event is organized in the framework of the “International Film Festival of Ancient Olympia for children and youth”

Watch the event here

Check here the full programme.