Theano: A Greek-speaking Conversational Agent for COVID-19



Athena Research Center welcomes Theano, the Greek-speaking Conversational Agent that provides accurate information concerning COVID-19. 

The researchers of the Institute for Language and Speech Processing used state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies to give us a chatbot that contributes to keeping citizens informed about the status of the pandemic. 

Theano provides updates about numbers of cases and deaths in Greece, abroad, and worldwide. The CA is also informed about the availability of Intensive Care Units and the progress of vaccinations in Greece. It covers a plethora of frequently asked questions, such as where did COVID-19 start, how it is transmitted, which is the correct use of the mask, etc. In addition, Theano finds pharmacies for all the cities in Greece, while with six simple questions, like a small diagnostic test, the CA helps users self-assess their symptoms. 

You can chat with Theano here!