Study on service portfolio development and business case for CEF eTranslation – LOT1 (subcontract)

Start Date: 17/02/2017
End Date: 17/11/2018
Funding: CEF SMART 2016/0103
Project Leader: Piperidis Stelios

The CEF Market Study aims at

a) carrying out an analysis of the European language technologies (LT) in terms of supply and demand and identify gaps,

b) assessing the use of LT by public services in the EU and in the individual Member States,

c) developing a business case for the CEF Automated Translation services, by defining a CEF eTranslation position and value proposition that considers the context of the European LT market/ecosystem.

The results of the study will feed two reports: 1) a report on the analysis of the European language technologies market and possible shortcomings of the European LT market, and 2) a final study report that will include an analysis of the LT market, an analysis of the current use of LT technologies by European public services/bodies, as well as a value proposition for the Automated Translation Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) of the CEF programme of the EC.