OLP: Ortho-Logo-Paedia

Start Date: 01/01/2002
End Date: 31/12/2004
Funding: FP5 / Quality of Life
Project Leader: Protopapas Athanasios
Website: http://www.xanthi.ilsp.gr/olp/

The overall objective of OLP was to develop and test an integrated computer-based system to supplement conventional speech therapy.

More detailed objectives were, in roughly chronological order:

  1. to recruit client groups and collect databases for the study;
  2. to provide visual feedback mapping instantaneous acoustics onto position on a trainable, two dimensional “phonetic map”;
  3. to offer a range of trainable automatic speech recognition tools providing evaluative feedback to the client and an interface to speech technology;
  4. to allow Objectives #2 and #3 to be tailored to the needs of a client group or an individual;
  5. to provide an interface allowing this customisation to be performed easily by the therapist;
  6. to make this software available for use off-site as telemedicine; and
  7. to evaluate OLP with respect to clients and therapists.

For a person with a speech disorder, OLP helps create correct speech patterns, provides individualised motivating feedback and an interface to assistive technology, and allows continuation of therapy outside a clinical setting. For the speech therapist, OLP is a valuable tool supplementing speech therapy by facilitating teaching of speech patterns, providing objective client evaluations, and by allowing remote supervision of therapy thus leaving time for more patients.