Monuments of the modern Greek language

Start Date: 16/04/2007
End Date: 16/04/2008
Funding: Information Society - Measure 1.3
Project Leader: Stainhaouer Gregory

The Project “MONUMENTS OF THE MODERN GREEK LANGUAGE” aims at the dissemination on a national and international level of the language information stored in the “Archives of the “RESEARCH CENTER FOR MODERN GREEK DIALECTS -ILNE”].

The project aims at: (a) the digital conservation of part of the archives of ILNE, (b) the exploitation of all the archives by means of a special electronic application for the entry, correction, search and printing of the material and (c) the dissemination of this Greek language thesaurus via the potentials offered by New Technologies.

The archive of ILNE consists of manuscript collections of language material, cards (which include the registered language material of the manuscript collections in addition to dialectal material by other sources e.g. magazines, glossaries, studies, literary texts) and recordings of dialectal speech.

The objective of the project is
a) the digitization of part of the archives (manuscript collection, card archive, recordings of dialectal speech) of ILNE
b) the development of an electronic platform that will file and document the current and future digitized data
c) the development of a multilingual educational platform regarding the local idioms and dialects
d) the development of a thematic web site, which will include selected material from the digitised files of ILNE.
Through these applications the dialectal material will become accessible to the whole educational community, particularly to the elementary and secondary education, as well as to the public.