MLAP-PAROLE: Preparatory Action for linguistic Resources Organisation for Language Engineering

Start Date: 01/11/1994
End Date: 31/12/1995
Project Leader: Gavriilidou Maria

The objective of the project was to define, actively pursue and prepare the construction of a network of organizations for the design and reusability of language resources (texts and lexica), and the relevant tools in the European Union.

The results of the project were:

  • The definition (as regards organizational, technical and legal issues), the structure and the functionality of a European infrastructure which would distribute language resources and the relevant tools, as well as provide services in the field of language resources.
  • The definition of the content, the coverage, the format and the representation of the distributable language resources.
  • The design of common standards, formats and interfaces.
  • The design of a detailed plan of future actions in the field of language resources.