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Senior Research Fellow

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Gavriilidou Maria

Maria Gavriilidou is a linguist at the Institute for Language and Speech Processing. Her research interests focus on the areas of corpus linguistics, language resources (design, documentation and management of corpora, computational lexica, terminological resources and thesauri), metadata for the description and documentation of language resources, infrastructures for language resources and language technologies (design, implementation, management), lexicography (computational lexicography for NLP systems, electronic lexicography for human users), terminology and verbal aggression recognition. She was the scientific leader of the participation of ILSP in several European and national projects in the above mentioned fields (indicatively: Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud (SSHOC), European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC), Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN), Hellenic National Corpus (HNC), Integrated European language data Repository Area (INTERA), European National Activities for Basic Language Resources (ENABLER), LEXIS/EPET II, SIMPLE/LE-2, PAROLE/LE-2, Greek-Danish dictionary/LINGUA-SOCRATES, NERC (Network of European Reference Corpora), EUROTRA etc.). Since 2020 she teaches Electronic Lexicography at the Postgraduate Program Digital Methods in the Humanities of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She has taught Computational Lexicography in the Postgraduate Program Technoglossia of the University of Athens and NTUA (1999-2009) and in the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program Theory of Lexicography and Applications of the University of Athens (2003, 2005 & 2007). She has collaborated with publishing houses as a lexicographer, for the compilation of printed and electronic dictionaries for human users (spelling dictionaries for adults and children, Dictionary of Modern Greek for Secondary Education, Dictionary of Greek as a Foreign Language for Secondary School Students, Muslim Education Program) and for the development of educational material for teaching Greek as a mother tongue (textbook Modern Greek Language for Secondary School). She holds a Master’s degree (MA in Linguistics) from the University of Reading, UK and a Bachelor’s degree in Philology with specialization in Linguistics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has publications in Greek and international conferences, journals and scientific books in the field of Computational Lexicography, Terminology, Language Resources and Technologies Infrastructures.