CIMWOS: Combined Image and Word Spotting

Start Date: 01/03/2000
End Date: 31/08/2003
Funding: Information Society Technologies (IST)
Project Leader: Protopapas Athanasios

The CIMWOS project aimed to facilitate archiving and retrieval of audio-visual material. The objective of the project was to develop and integrate a robust unrestricted keyword spotting algorithm and efficient image spotting algorithms specially designed for digital audio-visual content, leading to the implementation and demonstration of a practical system for efficient retrieval in multimedia databases. Specifically, a system was developed to automatically retrieve images, video, and speech frames from an audio-visual database based on keywords entered by the user. Combined word and image spotting which was used, provides an efficient mechanism enabling focused and precise searches with improved functionality and robustness.

The CIMWOS system aimed to become a powerful tool in the hands of the world of media and television, video, news broadcasting, show business, advertisement, and any organization that produces, markets and/or broadcasts video and audio programs, facilitating common procedures of retrieving material during a research, production of a documentary etc.

Utilizing the vast amounts of information accumulated in audio and video, the CIMWOS system became an invaluable assistant in promoting the re-use of existing resources and cutting down the budgets for new productions.