Aventinus: Advanced Information System for Multinational Drug Enforcement

Start Date: 01/12/1995
End Date: 31/12/1998
Funding: TAP/Language Engineering
Project Leader: Piperidis Stelios

The AVENTINUS project aimed at developing an information processing system in the drug persecution area. More specifically, the programme included the following:

  • multilingual access and extraction of information from allocated sources, where information bits exist in the form of texts, pictures, graphic representations, etc., using partial identification, event extraction and indexed searching
  • language processing and machine translation of the queries and responses of the system for the improvement of the information extraction and the strengthening of the multilingual capacity of the system (use of technology developed in another project by ILSP / R.C. “Athena”, “TRANSLEARN“)
  • information processing capability through multimedia techniques

The system allows the user to retrieve information distributed in databases in various countries in his/her mother tongue (since drug persecution is an international problem, therefore the data may be in various languages). The system collects all the necessary information, translates it and finally returns it to the user in an acceptable form.