ARGUS: Non-destructive, scalable, smart monitoring of remote cultural treasures

Start Date: 01/12/2023
End Date: 30/11/2026
Funding: Horizon 2020 / RIA Research and Innovation action
Project Leader: Pavlidis George

Embarking on a Groundbreaking Odyssey: The ARGUS Project Takes Flight. December 2023 marks the commencement of an ambitious and pioneering venture as we proudly announce the launch of the ARGUS project. Focused on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, cultural heritage preservation, and climate change mitigation, ARGUS aims to revolutionize the landscape of remote heritage asset management.

The ARGUS team is set to embark on a 3-year journey of innovation and discovery. The project’s mission is to develop and implement advanced solutions that will redefine how we safeguard and manage heritage assets in diverse locations, from the historic island of Delos in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990, to the rural charm of the cellar town of Baltanás in North Spain, the serene Monti Lucretili upland landscape in Italy, the sacred walls of the Abbey of Sant’Antonio di Ranverso, Italy, and the majestic Schenkenberg Castle in Switzerland.

The project’s multifaceted approach includes cutting-edge technology integration, data-driven decision support systems, and collaboration with local communities and experts. Through its five pilot studies—including Delos Island’s ancient ruins, Baltanás’s subterranean architecture, Monti Lucretili’s natural beauty, Sant’Antonio di Ranverso’s monastic heritage, and Schenkenberg Castle’s medieval fortifications—ARGUS will address unique challenges posed by different cultural and environmental contexts.

ARGUS is made possible through the support of the Horizon Europe program. As the project unfolds, regular updates and insights into its progress will be shared with the public, stakeholders, and the wider scientific community.