Akousma: Web-based platform for listening comprehension

Akousma is a web-based multimedia platform, which offers to learner’s of Greek as an additional language a “channel” to practice listening comprehension in Greek.
It addresses students of all levels of language proficiency, beginners, intermediate and advanced. More specifically, listening activities are structured in six levels, according to the specifications of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” and the results of the research entitled “Assessing Proficiency in Greek of the Children Attending Minority Primary Schools in Thrace“:

  • Preliminary stage (Level 1)
  • A1 (Level 2)
  • A2 (Level 3)
  • B1 (Level 4)
  • B2 (Level 5)
  • C1 (Level 6)

Each level comprises 10 to 25 listening comprehension activities.
In lower levels, the activities feature topics such as home, school life, food, animals, clothing, colours and parts of the body. In the higher levels activities focus on more abstract subjects, such as sports, leisure, technology, culture, science, health and protection of the environment.
Text type and length varies according to proficiency level. At the beginners level texts are particularly short, consisting of isolated words, and they are gradually advance to sentence level. Intermediate level texts are short dialogues, while advanced levels include lengthy dialogues and monologues, such as TV / Radio interviews, news broadcast, announcements etc. Activities are supported by multimedia material (drawings, videos and animations).
The platform supports three types of users:
A) Visitor: performs activities, receives feedback on scores and has access to task answers.
B) Student: performs activities and receives feedback on scores. His/her scores are recorded.
C) Teacher: has full access to the above mentioned functionalities as well as to extra material. More particularly, he/she has access to students’ scores and can download sound files. He/she has also access to the “Teacher’s Book”, which contains the transcribed texts of the activities, the accompanying tasks in printable form and educational scenarios.
You can have access to the web-based platform by pressing here.