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Scientific Associate


Tsoukala Chara

Chara Tsoukala is a research associate at the Institute of Language and Speech Processing (ILSP). She completed her MSc studies at the University of Groningen, NL, in the field of “Human-Machine Communication”. For her dissertation, she joined the Machine Translation group at the University of Edinburgh, where she worked on Interactive Translation Prediction, namely a tool for translators. In addition, she worked at the same university as a research assistant for the European project CASMACAT (Cognitive Analysis and Statistical Methods for Advanced Computer-Aided Translation). After the completion of the project, she worked in Lisbon, Portugal, at a startup that provides translations using crowd-sourcing techniques. Through translation, she got interested in code-switching and the way multilinguals control their languages. To investigate the cognitive aspects of code-switching, she pursued a PhD at Radboud University, NL. During her time there, she developed a computational cognitive model of bilingual sentence production and code-switching. After submitting her doctoral dissertation (entitled: “Bilingual sentence production and code-switching: Neural network simulations”), she worked for a Spanish company as a Machine Learning programmer.