Web-GBRG: Web-based Greek Language Courses for Bulgarian Learners and Entrepreneurs

Start Date: 01/03/2011
End Date: 28/02/2013
Funding: European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013"
Project Leader: Charalabopoulou Frieda
Website: http://www.web-grbg.eu

Language education plays a significant role in the development of economic and social cohesion in the cross border area of Greece and Bulgaria. To this end, it was decided to develop an innovative, highly sophisticated interactive Greek language platform on the Web (http://www.learn-greek.eu/), which will fully exploit the potentials of ICT and new technologies and primarily address two target groups:

  • the Bulgarian population that learns Greek for general purposes (e.g. students of Greek in Bulgarian Universities), and
  • the Bulgarian entrepreneurs who carry out business activities in Greece and need to learn Greek for special purposes (i.e. Business Greek) in order to enhance their professional profile and boost their entrepreneurial activities in the region.