Trilingual Term Dictionary

The Trilingual Term Dictionary (TTD) is targeted to foreign students of the secondary school. The aim of the TTD is threefold: to assist the student in learning the subject areas of the curriculum, to improve their language skills in Greek and to familiarize themselves with information technology.

TTD contains terms that are used in the following subject areas:

  • biology
  • geography
  • history
  • social and political studies
  • language
  • literature
  • mathematics
  • music
  • domestic science
  • information technology
  • technology
  • physics
  • chemistry

that are taught in the secondary school. The terms of TDD (more than 5.000) have been collected from the schoolbooks.

The terms are:

  • categorised within the subject areas
  • accompanied by definitions
  • translated into English and Turkish
  • illustrated with the use of multimedia (texts, images, video, sounds, diagrams, etc.)

TDD incorporates the following retrieval mechanisms from:

  • the terms list
  • the definition of the term
  • the translations (English and Turkish)
  • the accompanied multimedia

TDD also includes educational exercises that aim to expand the students’ knowledge in the subject areas and improve their language skills.