Start Date: 01/09/2002
End Date: 31/03/2004
Funding: EQUAL
Project Leader: Efthimiou Eleni

The central issues addressed by PROKLISI Project were related to difficulties in job finding and in remaining in the job market that are faced by people with disabilities who usually experience various types of discriminations. A complementary target group of the project were mothers who have children with disabilities. In the framework of PROKLISI, ILSP / R.C. “Athena” has created electronic terminology resources of the Greek Sign Language (GSL) for the field of window based human-computer interaction, as well as education aid software for the same subject. This software incorporates a trilingual terminology dictionary (GSL-Greek-English), signed presentations of educational objects, video-recorded lemma interpretations and usage examples for the term items, and is characterized for multifunctional content organization and search options.