Prelude: Training Programme on ICT in Music Education

Start Date: 01/09/2006
End Date: 31/08/2010
Funding: Socrates / Comenius Action 2.1
Project Leader: Economou Nadia

The PRELUDE project develops an in-service training programme for music teachers who are motivated to learn about, integrate and critically evaluate the use of ICT in music education. A plethora of web-based music material, the proliferation of e-learning modules, music educators’ tight schedules between teaching and performing, a growing requirement for music education in remote schools and an increasing familiarity of young learners with computer and music technology creates a new research area for music education. In this framework the proposed project addresses the needs of music educators who see their fellow teachers benefit from the use of technology and often ask what technology can do for them and how they can get started.

Prelude is expected to help music teachers to increase students’ motivation in music practicing, enhance individualized instruction in music teaching and facilitate classroom-based teaching. Computer-based instruction and assessment should be designed to help students set realistic goals and achieve then through systematic yet creative and amusing activities which in turn generate intrinsic motivation.