OpenMinTed: Open Mining INfrastructure for TExt and Data

Start Date: 01/06/2015
End Date: 31/05/2018
Project Leader: Chantzopoulos Michalis

OpenMinTeD has created an infrastructure that fosters and facilitates the use of text and data mining technologies in the scientific publications world and beyond, by both application domain users and text-mining experts. OpenMinTeD builds upon existing tools and text mining platforms, rendering them discoverable, through appropriate registries, and interoperable, through an existing standards-based interoperability layer. OpenMinTeD supports awareness of the benefits and training of text mining users and developers alike and demonstrates the merits of the approach through a number of use cases identified by scholars and experts from different scientific areas, ranging from life sciences (bioinformatics, biochemistry, etc.) to food and agriculture and social sciences and humanities related literature. It brings together the different stakeholders, content providers and scientific communities, text mining and infrastructure builders, legal experts, data and computing centers, industrial players and SMEs. Through its infrastructural foresight activities, OpenMinTeD‟s vision is tomake operational a virtuous cycle in which a) primary content is accessible through standardised programmatic interfaces and access rules, b) by well-documented and easily discoverable text mining services and workflows which process, analyse and annotate text to c) identify patterns and extract new meaningful actionable knowledge, which will be used for d) structuring, indexing and searching content, and, in tandem, e) act as a new knowledge resource useful for drawing new relations between content items and firing a new mining cycle. Despite the growing number of text and data mining platforms serving various scientific communities, it is evident that issues relating to interoperability, information silos and access restrictions are limiting the uptake, degree of automation and potential application areas of text mining.More than ever before, there is a recognized need for further integration and sharing of existing and evolving text mining platforms and related resources in an infrastructural approach, across scientific disciplines, countries and consequently languages. Moreover, the realisation of the full potential of text mining infrastructure towards scientific literature is inexorably linked to the scholarly publication system and its associated national and European infrastructures. OpenMinTeD has put the solid foundations, created and put into operation an open text and data mining infrastructure and platform that will influence and, in some cases, transform the ways communities and technologies interact and collaborate.