LS GRAM – LRE: Large Scale Grammars for EC Languages

Start Date: 01/12/1995
End Date: 31/07/1996
Project Leader: Carayannis George

This project aimed at the development of electronic grammars to ensure the potentials for high quality natural language processing products and their success in the market.

The aims of the project were:

  • The creation of linguistic resources of high standard quality, appropriate for educational, research and implementation projects. These linguistic resources are characterized by modularity, expandability, easy maintenance and standardization in accordance with the main current trends in linguistic theory.
  • Defining and studying the methodology problems which come with the creation of large scale grammars: these include the definition of language phenomena coverage, modularity and their ability to be integrated in different applications.
  • The creation of a demo software adequately presenting the qualities of the grammars and the formalism in which they are developed.
  • The use and testing of the ALEP-2 formalism for the processing of linguistic structures.