Lingu@net Europa PLUS: Expanding the virtual languages resource centre

Start Date: 01/10/2003
End Date: 29/09/2006
Funding: Socrates / Lingua
Project Leader: Vacalopoulou Anna

The Lingu@net Europa PLUS project’s objectives were:

  • to make it easier for adult learners throughout the EU to gain easy access to relevant, good quality on-line language learning resources.
  • to open Lingu@net Europa up to thousands of new users by adding 11 new access languages.

The project did this by:

  • Making Lingu@net Europa accessible in 17 European languages. It is currently accessible in 17 languages: Dutch; English; French; German; Italian; Spanish; Bulgarian; Danish; Estonian; Finnish; Greek; Icelandic; Lithuanian; Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; and Swedish.
  • Enhancing the content relevant to adult learners in all 17 access languages i.e. increasing the number of resources suitable for learners (as opposed to teachers / researchers).
  • Offering advice and guidance to adult learners in all 17 access languages through the “Lingu@net Learner Zone”. This on-line tool has been developed as part of the project and includes ‘learner-friendly’ pathways to help learners find and make the most of resources relevant to their needs. It has drawn on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and multilingual tools developed during the European Year of Languages 2001.
  • Promoting the availability of the service to adult learners throughout Europe via appropriate channels.

Lingu@net Europa PLUS was built on Lingu@net Europa, the virtual languages resource centre, developed with Socrates / Leonardo support (1998-2001).

ILSP / “Athena” R.C. has undertaken the work package dealing with all aspects of Terminology and Translation matters in the project.