Start Date: 01/01/2006
End Date: 30/06/2007
Funding: Information Society - Measure 3.3
Project Leader: Markantonatou Stella

ICONOGNOSSIA aims at developing a multimodal/multilingual web platform that will offer a wide spectrum of information concerning Byzantine icons. Languages to be used are Greek, English and Russian. The platform will also offer facilities for automatic classification of icons via technologies based on image processing. Information will be organized with Semantic Web technologies while an innovative ontology will be developed conforming to the international standards.

ICONOGNOSSIA is a unique effort in the field of Byzantine iconography addressed to a wide audience: the curator, the creator, the researcher, the historian, the theologist and the layman. This platform aims to provide the basis for the development of a community that is interested in a in-depth study, research and promotion of the Byzantine iconography. This community consists of institutions (such as museums), individuals (such as art specialists, Byzantinologists, curators, teachers) and, of course, of people who have no particular specialization in the field but are interested in understanding Byzantine iconography.