Greek-Turkish Dictionary of 6000 entries for young learners

Within this project, a Greek-Turkish Dictionary of 6000 entries for young learners was developed. The Dictionary’s main objective is twofold: to provide a basic vocabulary and to support the educational material (language, history, geography etc) developed within the Education of the Muslim Minority Children Programme.

The Greek-Turkish dictionary is designed as follows: Lexical entries are followed by examples of usage covering basic everyday communicative needs of children of this age. Every example of usage exhibits a different reading of the word. It should be noted that every word appearing in the examples of usage, appears also as a lexical entry. Lexical entries are also followed by pronunciation, by grammatical, lexical and spelling information (hyphenation, part of speech, synonyms and antonyms, derivative and compound words, inflectional forms that might present difficulties to the learners of Greek, e.g. genitive case for nouns, perfective past for verbs). Moreover, every usage/reading is followed by a translation in Turkish. Finally, the dictionary is particularly rich in illustrations. ILSP / R.C. “Athena”’s morphological analyzer has been integrated into the system. The child has the possibility to type a word, which can be automatically corrected, if misspelled. In addition, each word type is grammatically recognized and connected to the initial lemma.

There are five ways of retrieving a word:

  • By typing the word
  • By choosing one of the letters of the alphabet
  • By scrolling down the vocabulary list
  • By clicking on the words of the examples
  • By clicking on the “vocabulary” field, which comprises all the words that have the same root with the lemma presented

The system allows free navigation. It comprises vocabulary and grammar exercises-games. It also comprises two games that enhance the child’s concentration capability and mnemonic ability.

The Greek-Turkish dictionary is issued as a multimedia system in a box containing a CD-ROM and a user manual and also as a one-volume book of 524 pages.

The Dictionary is also available online with English and German translations, as a Greek-English and a Greek-German dictionary of 6000entries.