Greek-Turkish dictionary for young learners (book)

The Greek-Turkish dictionary is designed for children of primary and secondary school. It is a one-volume book of 524 pages that comprises 6000 entries followed by examples of usage covering basic everyday communicative needs of children of this age.

Each word listed in the bilingual dictionary is also followed by grammatical, lexical and spelling information (hyphenation, part of speech, synonyms, antonyms, derivative and compound words, inflectional forms that might present difficulties to the learners of Greek (e.g. genitive case for nouns, aorist for verbs). Moreover, every usage is followed by a translation in Turkish.

Finally, the Greek-Turkish dictionary for young learners is particularly rich in illustrations that facilitate the comprehension of the linguistic material.

The Greek-Turkish dictionary has been published for the University of Athens by “Ellinika Grammata” (ISBN 960-406-942-Χ, Scientific Coordination Maria Tzevelekou, Lexicographer: Anna Vacalopoulou, Compilation of Grammar Terms: Spyridoula Stamouli, Turkish Translation: Nilufer Caglar, Gul Oya Fidan, Alexis Konstandinidis, Illustrations: Maria Glyka, 524 p., Athens 2004).

The dictionary, which has been approved by the Pedagogical Institute, has been distributed to the pupils of the four upper grades of elementary schools.