Greece4.0: Network of Excellence for the Development, Dissemination and Application of Digital Transformation Technologies in the Greek Manufacturing Industry

Start Date: 01/07/2023
End Date: 31/08/2025
Funding: Greece 2.0 National Recovery and Resilience Plan
Project Leader: Koutsoudis Anestis

The goal of Greece 4.0 is to assist the Greek manufacturing industry in their digital transformation towards the realization and application of smart practices in their production facilities, in terms of automations, software applications, and hardware. The Greece 4.0 project will serve as a pilot pillar for Industry 4.0 by providing the necessary infrastructure and knowledge for the development, testing, and validation of services such as: smart sensors, Industrial IoT platforms, Digital Twins, control systems, and robotics as well as Artificial Intelligence in a safe and cost-effective approach for companies.

Partners of Greece 4.0 will leverage and enhance expertise gained through various European research and innovation initiatives over the past years (e.g., within the Horizon 2020 program) regarding advanced manufacturing techniques and digital technologies, combining the features of cyber-physical production with artificial intelligence to carry out advanced production processes (design, execution, control, supervision).

ILSP has undertaken activities related to Virtual and Augmented Reality applications.