Evglotton: Online Service for the Improvement of Reading Ability of Dyslexic Persons

Start Date: 15/01/2011
End Date: 14/06/2013
Funding: O. P. Digital Convergence (NSRF 2007-2013)
Project Leader: Bakamidis Stylianos

The project objective is to create a web service that will help improve the reading ability of dyslexic children. A technological system will be developed that improves reading skills of children with dyslexia, resulting in better incorporation into society.

This project will target groups of young people of school age who experience dyslexia, in order to create an auxiliary tool for better quality reading, which can be incorporated into educational environments. The children in this way can use the system to learn to read better with the help of special electronic texts. The adaptation of these texts will be made through continuous and systematic monitoring of the reading ability of the candidate, aiming at the personalization of the reading material.

The implementation of the proposed service will require the use of appropriate algorithms for analysis and identification of the voice of the user. Furthermore, for each user a personal file for monitoring performance will created, including the already unread texts and the history of mistakes made during delivery. The difficulty of the proposed texts for reading will vary based on the history of errors and the performance of the user.