eEuro Inclusion: developing a pan-European network of Language Resource Centres for LWULT languages (LWULT LRCs)

Start Date: 15/12/2003
End Date: 15/12/2005
Funding: Language Learning and Linguistic Diversity
Project Leader: Vacalopoulou Anna

eEuro Inclusion created the electronic infrastructure of a pan-European network (of networks) of LRCs involved in LWULT languages. This infrastructure – a portal bearing databases and links – was meant to enable the setting up of several SIGs, groups of LRCs, inclusive, not exclusive, with a common interest to get together, among which information and advice will be freely available to all member LRCs.

The portal acted as a hub for virtual SIGs set up as a result of its activity. It disseminated information about LRCs and facilitated contacts among LWULT LRCs involved in supplying services and materials for the same LWULT language/group of languages. It enabled contacts and communication among LWULT LRCs as through this portal LWULT LRCs found out about each other’s existence, location, services, resources, activities, and opportunities for involvement, helping them build synergies and partnerships. The portal promoted the setting up of a network of various language-based branches and informed members of the assets, types of services and experience of other centres and encouraged LRCs to set similar targets, plan strategically, get informed about the European plans of action, in short, it contributed to the raising of the level of professional knowledge and management by disseminating best practice, expertise and experience.