EC-MT-GPS: European Commission Machine Translation System for the Greek Public Sector

Start Date: 01/01/2000
End Date: 31/12/2001
Project Leader: Fourla Athanasia

The main objective of this project was to lower the language barriers of Public Administrations in Greece by providing them with a machine translation tool and by spreading its use.

The EC-MT-GPS project aimed at:

  • the further development of the machine translation system EC-SYSTRAN and in particular the language pair English -> Greek according to the needs of the Greek Public Sector
  • the development of new language pairs under this platform: Greek-> English, French->Greek and Greek->French
  • the development of new tools for the amelioration of the coding procedure of new terms and lemmas
  • enrichment of the system’s lexica with terminology by the users
  • sensitization of the Greek Public Sector about MT technology and its benefits
  • free machine translation services for the Greek Public Sector
  • the creation of a user group, which evaluates the performance of the system

Main deliverables: Machine translation software for the following language pairs: English->Greek, Greek->English, French->Greek and Greek->French.