Digitization and promotion of the Greek National Theatre archive

Start Date: 01/06/2006
End Date: 31/05/2007
Funding: Information Society - Measure 3.3
Project Leader: Fotopoulou Aggeliki

The archive of the National Theatre (NT) contains rare and, in some cases, unique material concerning the plays since 1932 till today. It consists of programmes and newspaper extracts, photos and sound material. There has also been video material since 1995.

The objective of the project is the digitization of the original material contained in the archive of NT and the development of software that will file and document the digitized data. This software will exploit information retrieval advanced techniques (e.g. creation of thesauri containing the documentation material), include special voice interface for users with vision impairment (text-to-speech synthesis) and use international standards and contemporary organization techniques concerning the documentation of the material. The scientific documentation of the archive will be carried out by theatre specialists. Moreover, two trilingual multimedia applications (Greek, English, and French) under the titles “The National Theatre in Epidaurus” and “The theatre history through the plays of NT” will be developed bringing the NT archive to wide public.