Deaf Port: Developing European Language Portfolio for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired

Start Date: 01/12/2008
End Date: 30/11/2010
Funding: ICT (FP7) - Lifelong Learning Programme
Project Leader: Vacalopoulou Anna

The main objective of the Deaf Port project was to develop a multilingual European Language Portfolio for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired (16+) and Europass Language Passport with a view to:

  • enhancing their motivation to develop, extend and diversify their language skills;
  • helping them to reflect on their objectives, ways of and success in language learning;
  • developing their capacity for independent learning;
  • addressing learning needs in the most comprehensive way, providing suitable format and adaptation of descriptions;
  • introducing commonly recognized standards and ensuring transparency and coherence in language learning.

The Deaf Port model of the European Language Portfolio addressed the language learning needs of the deaf and hearing-impaired, and put language teaching and learning of the target group in the context of common European standards, in order to:

  • provide transparent and reliable information on language skills and competences of the learners
  • keep records of achievements in their language learning
  • maintain their motivation for language learning
  • plan their learning strategy
  • enhance their plurilingual and intercultural experience.

Project outcomes: