Cultural Year of Greece in China

Start Date: 01/09/2007
End Date: 31/08/2008
Project Leader: Charalabopoulou Frieda

On the occasion of the Cultural Year of Greece in China (September 2007-2008) and aiming at the promotion of the Greek language and civilization in China this project involved three action lines:
(i) the localization of a modern e-learning platform for Greek as a second/foreign language (entitled “filoglossia+” and developed by ILSP, see to the specific language and communicative needs of the Chinese learners.
(ii) the adaptation of “XENION” to the Chinese users’ needs, a bilingual Greek-Chinese and Chinese-Greek lexicon, where they can look up the meanings of words and useful phrases.
(iii) the participation of ILSP in the International Book Fair 2008 held in Beijing (1-4 September) with Greece as the Country of Honour. ILSP participated in the event with live demonstrations of products and technologies deployed to promote the Greek language and culture.