ClimateCosmos: Development of National Infrastructure and National Web Portal in Climate Change in Greece area based on Scientific and Technical Instructions of United Nations and Global Climate Observing System

Start Date: 01/10/2013
End Date: 01/10/2015
Funding: Ε.Π. "Περιβάλλον και Αειφόρος Ανάπτυξη"
Project Leader: Kostopoulos Vassilis

Τhe aim of ClimateCosmos is the following:

1. The creation of a basic National Infrastructure needed to gather the necessary data, to study and observe Climate Change (ΕΥΚΑ or Infrastructure ClimateCosmos) – Hellenic National Infrastructure for Climate Change (HNICC) with the construction of a digital repository (digital warehouse) of climate maps and weather diagrams during the 20th century, based on suitably processed and valid time series, certified according to international standards, of climatic observations by networks of national authorities which will allow the calculation of 3 – for start (temperature, rain and sea level) and then of 50 climate variables laid down by the United Nations Treaty (21/3/1994) in order to observe climate change.

2. The development of a formal National Web – Portal for Climate Change (ΕΠΚΑ or Portal ClimateCosmos) – Hellenic National Portal for Climate Change (HNPCC), which will provide citizens and decision-making centers with scientifically documented information on the climate of Greece, the pace of climate change in our country, the consequences of climate change. At the same time, updated climate maps of the entire Greek territory will be made available and will provide the basis for implementing climate forecasting models.