CALL system for learning Greek as a second language for English speaking children

Start Date: 08/09/2003
End Date: 30/06/2004
Funding: Ministry of Education/”Centre of Intercultural & Migration Studies” University of Crete
Project Leader: Tzevelekou Maria

The computer software developed for English speaking children of the Greek Diaspora, constitutes a complete course for learning Greek. It covers the beginner, intermediary and advanced level and is issued in a box including two CD-ROMs and a user manual.

The distribution of the language material in units is based on successive stages in the acquisition of Greek reported in the literature. The design and development of the system comply with the following guide lines:

  • Greek is taught as a second language, without prerequisites from the student
  • The software includes all the information needed for the interpretation of the language material
  • It allows users to control the amount of information they receive
  • It provides feedback as well as information on the overall performance of each student
  • It is playful

The system comprises five modules:

  • Text of the episode illustrated by graphics
  • Translation in the support language, English in this case
  • Exercises (on Greek phonology, vocabulary, grammar and syntax)
  • Grammar, based on the E.DIA.M.ME. curriculum
  • A bilingual multimedia dictionary, containing examples of use, grammatical and lexical information, and allowing various ways of access to information.