A knight in the castle of letters & A knight in the castle of words

The project aimed at the development of printed educational material based on the CALL systems created by ILSP designed for children of the minority primary school in Thrace. The stories of “the knight in the castle of letters and “the knight in the castle of words” were published as two separate books.

The books cover the beginner, intermediary and advanced level of language proficiency in Greek. The content of the two CD-ROMs was adjusted to the linear book organization. The syllabus was divides up into courses. Each unit comprises:

  • A text
  • Vocabulary
  • Reading comprehension tasks
  • Grammar and vocabulary exercises
  • Writing tasks

The introductory text of each lesson was written by Eugene Trivizas and is accompanied by illustrations. The core vocabulary is translated in Turkish. After reading the text, the child has to perform reading comprehension tasks and also grammar exercises, which focus on the specific language phenomena covered by the text. The exercises follow a ‘communicative’, namely functional, way of teaching and are related to the topic of each unit. Besides the grammar exercises, each course includes vocabulary and phonological exercises. Finally, some units include also writing tasks for a variety of text types.

The books “A knight in the castle of letters” and “A knight in the castle of words” have been published for the University of Athens by “Multimedia”, “Ellinika Grammata” and “IRIS printing company” (ISBN 960-6608-33-6 & 960-6608-34-4, Scientific Coordination: Maria Tzevelekou, Author of the Texts: Eugene Trivizas, Language material: Vicky Kantzou, Spyridoula Stamouli, 115 p. & 114 p., Athens 2004).