“Periplous” set sail over the sunken state of Ancient Epidaurus


The “Periplus” boat made its first pilot tour over the sunken state of Ancient Epidaurus, on Sunday, October 1st, 2023. The project was presented to the local community on the same day, at an event kindly hosted by the Municipality of Epidaurus.

“Periplous” is a self-propelled boat with a glass bottom. With the help of advanced technologies, innovative techniques and devices, the boat performs predetermined routes, starting from the port of Old Epidaurus up to the sunken state, offering a simultaneous guided tour.

Visitors see the sunken state through the glass bottom of the vessel, while watching three-dimensional representations of the sunken state on the provided tablet screens. Additionally, at each tour stop they can watch illustrations of the inhabitants’ lives during the Roman era.

The autonomous guided tour is addressed to both children and adults, Greek and non-Greek speakers. The guided tours are provided in Greek, English, Chinese and in the Greek Sign Language (GSL).

The “Periplous” vessel is an outcome of the “Periplous” project, implemented in the framework of the Special Actions “Aquaculture” – “Industrial Materials” – “Open Innovation In Culture” (NSRF 2014-2020) by three partners:

1. The Institute for Language and Speech Processing /RC ATHENA, as a technical partner

2. The Ephorate of Marine Antiquities

3. The Polatidis Marine company, who constructed the boat