New book release: the European Language Grid


ILSP supported the design and implementation of the ELG platform

European Language Grid, A Language Technology Platform for Multilingual Europe“, the open access book by Springer that provides the extensive documentation of the ELG platform, the activities and plans of the ELG consortium and the supported third party projects, is here!

The Institute of Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) of “Athena” Research Center has played a key role in the design and implementation of the ELG platform. ILSP researchers, from the Natural Language Processing and Language Infrastructures department, who were involved in the development of the ELG platform, are providing extensive accounts on the basic concepts and underlying architecture, the European Language Grid functionalities for providers and consumers, as well as the metadata bridges between ELG and the wider Language Technology ecosystem. Further on, they are providing high-level descriptions of the language processing services and datasets available through ELG, as well as the plans for the future of ELG.