Scientific Associate

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Tsiouli Maria-Zafeiro

Iro Tsiouli is a linguist – translation expert and has been collaborating with the Institute for Language and Speech Processing of the “Athena” R.C. since 2015. She holds a MSc in Special Languages, Corpus Linguistics and Translation Studies (Master 2 Recherche – “Langues de spécialités, Corpus et Traductologie”, Université Paris Diderot – Paris 7, France, 2014) and a BSc in French Language and Literature (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of French Language and Literature, 2013).
Her research interests focus on the areas of corpus linguistics, digital research infrastructures for language resources and technologies (design, development, improvement and enrichment of repositories), language data creation, collection, curation, annotation and evaluation (corpora, computational lexica, terminological resources), metadata for the documentation of language resources and language technology tools, translation and terminology in the context of the evaluation and training of machine translation systems.
Her professional activities at ILSP include also the production of information and educational material (e.g. newsletters, guides, video tutorials, promotional videos etc.), event planning, organization and implementation, social media content creation and performance monitoring and reporting as to Digital Strategy Principles, while she is also responsible for the creation, re-design, operation, maintenance and content enrichment of the official website of the CLARIN:EL Research Infrastructure.