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Scientific Associate


Didaskalou Stylianos

Stylianos Didaskalou graduated from the department of Physics of Aristotele University of Thessaloniki, and he later continued his studies in the department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Democritus University of Thrace. He holds a master’s degree in Translational Research in Biomedicine, and he is currently a Ph.D. student focusing on cellular and molecular biology with an emphasis on cellular division. During his post-graduate studies, he gained extensive experience in microscopy techniques, such as confocal microscopy and light-sheet-based microscopy and he has developed multiple methods for the analysis of multi-dimensional microscopy images. His research interests include Data and Multidimensional Image Analysis, Machine and Deep Learning Applications and Molecule-based Simulations. He has worked as a research associate in the BioImaging-GR and the InTechThrace projects and he is a co-author of multiple scientific publications in international journals and conferences.