Scientific Associate


Servi Katerina

Katerina Servi is an archaeologist and museologist, writer and adjunct researcher at ATHENA Research and Innovation Center. She received her Bachelor’s degree in archaeology and history of the art in 1988, from the National University of Athens. In 2015 she completed with a distinction her MA in «Museum Studies», from the Interdeparmental postgraduate program of the Department of History and Archaeology and the Department of Geology and Geoenvironment of the University of Athens, in collaboration with the Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art of the Technological Educational Institution of Athens. During the years 1991-1992 she worked as a text editor at the Archaeological Receipts Fund of the Greek Ministry of Culture. Then, after attending a seminar on advertising from the Hellenic Association of Advertising-Communication, she worked as a copywriter and creative group head for international advertising agencies (Leo Burnett, Bates Hellas). In 1992 she started writing archaeological guides in collaboration with Ekdotike Athenon, while since 2002 she writes children’s fiction and non-fiction books in collaboration with Patakis Publishers, Metaixmio and Dioptra. Two of her children’s books were nominated for the National Award for Children’s Educational Books, while her graphic novel The Battle of Marathon (Patakis Publishers) was awarded with the National Prize for Children’s Non-Fiction 2016. Since 2004 she is a free-lancer and, along with writing, she translates historical and archaeological books and she creates content and storytelling for cultural websites and apps. Since 2017 she started collaborating with ATHENA Research and Innovation Center, as a writer of digital apps. As a researcher she is mainly interested in digital storytelling in culture, its applications and evaluation.