Scientific Associate


Mastrogiannopoulos – Gkegkas Dimitris

Dimitris Mastrogiannopoulos Gegas has been a scientific associate at the Institute of Language and Speech Processing (ILSP) at the Athena Research Centre (ATHENA RC) since 2019, where he is engaged in the architectural design and development of applications in the field of speech processing and human – machine interaction. He has studied at the Graduate Program “Integrated Hardware and Software Systems” of the University of Patras and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. During his long-term work at Behavioral Signal Technologies Inc, he was responsible for designing and developing applications that analyze emotions and behaviors. In addition, he has worked as a Software Engineer in Audio applications on the Music Technology Group research team at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, led by researcher Xavier Serra. Having gained significant experience as a Software Engineer, he has worked at companies such as Beenotes, Heltecom and Elsop (SAP partner). Furthermore, he has worked as a Full Stack Developer for Square Media S.A. Finally, among others, his interests include music specialized in guitar and saxophone and audio processing.