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Karta Meliana

Areas of interest:

  • Economy and trade in the Mediterranean during the Archaic and Classical era
  • Applications of restoration and promotion of antiquities and archaeological sites
  • Applications of new technologies for the documentation and promotion of the cultural reserve.

Meliana Karta is a graduate of the department of History and Archaeology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a specialization in Archaeology and History of Art. She finished her postgraduate studies in Classical Archaeology in the same department, and the subject of her thesis was the imports of transport amphoras in the Thermaic Gulf during the Archaic and Classical era. She has also studied conservation and restoration of antiquities and works of art in the IVT of Thermi and practiced her profession in the archaeological site of ancient Pella. Since 2012, she has been participating in university excavations as an archaeologist and a conservator. She works in the Department of Culture and Creative Industries in “Athena” Research Center, for the “APTOS” program, which evolves around the access of people with visual impairments to the cultural reserve.