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Grypari Ioanna

Dr. Ioanna Grypari is an economist, data scientist and project lead at Athena Research and Innovation Center (Athena RC). As an economist, her research focused on applied microeconomics and econometrics in particular on issues relating to the identification of causal effects. She has worked with both structured and unstructured text data. As a data scientist, she specializes in data modeling and machine learning methods for impact assessment. At Athena RC, she coordinated an internal team for Data4Impact, a H2020 project that focused on using the latest technological advances in machine learning to develop a novel set of indicators that track research and innovation activities and their societal impact after the end of the project life-cycle. She was part of the topic modelling team that created a novel set of academic impact indicators using big data and machine learning technologies. She oversaw and is still leading the development of a monitoring platform that allows stakeholders to view in a user-friendly and understandable way interactive visualizations of the produced metrics and indicators that lie in front of the text analytics workflows. She is leading pilots with policymakers and other stakeholders to continue the improvement of the platform, the indicators and the underlying technologies. She recently joined the team of OpenAIRE responsible for the construction of open science indicators with the goal of creating advanced open science statistics and eventually predictive analytics on the OpenAIRE graph.