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Scientific Associate

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Giannoutsou Olga

Areas of interest

  • Design and development of machine translation systems
  • Grammar formalisms
  • Semantics

Olga Giannoutsou graduated from the Department of English Studies, University of Athens, and holds an MSc in Machine Translation (UMIST, Manchester, 1993). She has participated in the design and implementation of various projects. SYSTRAN: development of the dictionaries STEM and IDLS according to the needs of the Greek Public Sector. MLAP: theoretical study for the description of basic phrasal structures for Modern Greek in the framework of Head-driven phrase structure grammar. LS-GRAM+: building of a grammar for Modern Greek in ALEP (Advanced Language Engineering Platform). METIS (I-II): development of an MT system of reasonably high quality from large annotated monolingual corpora with pattern-matching techniques. CLIO: ontology building, which aimed at enhancing effective content management in the business sector, while taking into account various cultural and linguistic aspects. EKFRASSI: development of a writing aid tool and its respective resources for Modern Greek. EIKONOGNOSIA: development of a web multimedia platform, providing a wide range of information for Byzantine icons in Greek, English and Russian.