ex Scientific Associate


Petros-Evaggelos Tamvakis

Petros Tamvakis graduated with a bachelor degree in Natural Sciences from the Hellenic Open University in 2018, where he received a full scholarship for two years in a row and graduated 3rd in his class. In 2020, he received his first Masters of Science degree in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. In 2021, he received a second Masters degree in Data Science from the American College of Greece, where he got a Presidential scholarship. Since March 2021 he is a PhD candidate in the Computer Science department of Hellenic Open University with subject: “Developing new techniques for the solution of the frequent itemset mining problem”. Since June 2021, he is working as a scientific associate for Athena Research and Innovation Centre in Xanthi branch for the EU-cofunded project AGRO4+, where he develops machine learning models and deploys them as backend services. His research interests include among others: machine learning, machine vision, association rules analysis and bioinformatics.